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Bigfoot: A Personal Inquiry Into a Phenomenon

Pages: 268

Published: 1980

ISBN: 0670165093

Type: Nonfiction

Well researched view of Bigfoot written at a high point in popular interest in the late 1970s. Covered from the perspective of a naturalist and historian, with a smart, scientific view of some of the most influential people and ideas about the creature at the time, the book holds up.

It's striking how much what was said in the late 70s still is true today. Wylie writes from a standpoint of sightings in Michigan when Bigfoot was yet mainly seen as a reality in the Pacific Northwest, prior to the establishment of databases of sightings that spanned North America. Particularly good are the insights into the workings of John Green, John Napier, Peter Byrne, Rene Dahinden and Loren Coleman. Very good addition to your cryptozoological library.

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